Oil-based paint will be labeled as ‘Oil-Based’ and will include oil as an ingredient, instructions for cleanup with a solvent or paint thinner, and will have a flammable warning label.

Due to its flammability, oil-based paint is considered a hazardous material in any form (solid, liquid, or vapor). Oil-based paints must be disposed of using commercial paint disposal such as Atlanta Paint Disposal, or through household hazardous waste collection days.

  • Drying oil-based paint prior to proper household hazardous waste disposal can be helpful.
  • If there is only an inch or two of paint left in the can, it can be easily dried by leaving the can uncovered.
  • For larger quantities, mix equal parts unused paint and kitty litter together and stir until it is an oatmeal-like consistency. Leave the can uncovered for at least one hour to dry.

When leaving paint uncovered to dry, be sure to store it somewhere safe, well ventilated, and out of the way where it won’t spill and children or animals will not be able to reach it.

Oil-Based Paint